1. Guidelines for Abstracts Submission

In the first stage, Abstracts of Full Papers (ten pages) or Short Papers (five pages) must have a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500 words.The abstract is directly filled on the EasyChair conference application. Please indicate on the content of the abstract to which of the two options is presented.

Abstracts for Creative Room Program have the same word boundaries but completed in the following model for including images, diagrams, maps or any graphic information.

template abstract.doc template abstract.odt



Instructions to Upload the Abstract to EasyChair

If you don’t have an EasyChair account:

1. Navigate to the ASC2015 EasyChair system at
2. Click: Create an account


3. Fill in the captcha, and then ‘Continue’

4.Fill out your name, the email address, and then click ‘Continue’.

5. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail containing a link to continue your registration. Click the link.
6. By accessing again EasyChair, complete your registration by providing all the required information, and picking a username and password. Then click on ‘Create my account’.

Now that you have an EasyChair Account:

1. Navigate to the ASC2015 EsasyChair system at
2. Sign in using your new or existing username and password.
3. Click on “New Submission”

4. Fill out the data; if the author is the one who has entered the EasyChair account, by clicking on “click here to add yourself” data is automatically entered. If there are more authors, fill data for Author 2, Author 3 …
5. Enter data for the title, abstract, and for the keywords, put each on a separate line.

At the first stage of abstract submission for full or short paper don’t upload your full submission file in PDF format [“I will submit the paper later”].
For Creative Room Program abstracts, please upload your abstract in pdf format.


2. Guidelines for Papers Submission

In order to publish the proceedings of ASC2015 with the best quality, we ask that authors follow these guidelines. All papers must be formatted according to the ASC2015 template. The easiest way is to download the template and replace the text, section by section.

Paper template.doc Paper template.odt



General Guidelines: page size 17 x 24 cm. Margins: top: 2.5 cm.; bottom, left and right: 1.75 cm. Font for title and subtitle, title sections: Letter Gothic Std, 16. Sub-paragraphs font Letter Gothic Std,12. Font sub-sub-paragraphs Letter Gothic Std , 9. Font of data affiliation: Arial, 7.5. Body text font: Arial, 9. Foot Source Graphics font: Arial 8.5. Endnotes and references: Arial 8.5. Do not insert header and footer, reserved spaces for organizing data publication.

The method of document citation is CHICAGO TITLE-AUTHOR, in the text (Last-Name(s) publication year, page), and then the References section, just as at the end of the paper template. Explanatory notes are at the end of the file.

Submissions must strictly adhere to page limits: full papers 10 pages, short papers 5 pages. Papers exceeding the page limits will be rejected without review. The maximum allowed file size for the paper submission is 15 MB.

Papers must be submitted as PDF files to ASC2015 EasyChair system. Follow the same process outlined in the previous section, but in this case, all options make the “Upload Paper” section.

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